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How We Build Better

The Fusion Difference

Each Fusion Home is built with the highest standards and strict principles well above accepted industry standards. Below are a few of the Fusion Differences found in the construction detail and finishing touches of each Fusion home, which provide homeowners with added comfort and peace of mind.


  • A higher standard carpet weight and thicker under-pad are used throughout your home. This increases the durability and longevity of your carpet while offering a luxurious look and plush feel.
  • Space-Saver shelving in all walk-in closets provides more room for storage, acts as an organizational aid, and adds value to your new home.
  • Each Fusion home is cleaned twice in the week prior to closing and as a result your home is exceptionally clean upon move-in.
  • Ceramic floors are standard in the foyer, kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Ceramic is more durable than vinyl, offering superior longevity in high-traffic areas. It also creates a high-end and stylish finished appearance that increases the value of your home.
  • Painted basement stairs reduce dust build-up and are much easier to clean. They are also nicer looking than unfinished stairs!
  • Full swing doors on all closet doors are durable, providing easier access to closets while being more aesthetically pleasing than regular bi-fold doors.
  • Custom-made cabinetry minimizes gaps, filler strips, and wasted space. Cabinets can be fit to maximize corner space, instead of wasted dead space formed by modular corner cabinets.
  • Top-of-the-line interior paint contains Teflon and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), reducing the amount of chemicals released by the paint into the air. After the paint has fully dried, all painted surfaces are more attractive, durable, and washable. The inside air will have noticeably less paint odour as compared to paints with high VOC levels.
  • 4”baseboards with 2 ¾” casing throughout your home, as opposed to thinner trim alternatives that are industry standards, give each room a more stylish appeal that will absorb more wear and tear and increase the value of your home.
  • All trim is painted a different colour than the walls (industry standard is to apply one colour of paint throughout). This decorative paint touch accents the wall and trim, giving you a more attractive, dynamic living space.
  • Immerse yourself in relaxation! Luxurious soaker tubs are found in all baths, providing added comfort and appeal, as they are deeper than regular tubs.
  • All closets are completed to have full jamb openings with baseboards inside (industry standard offers half jamb closets with a drywall return on the inside of the doorframe.) A fully finished closet gives a higher-end finished appearance and increased durability, even inside the closet.
  • Decora light switches are more modern and aesthetically pleasing as opposed to older-designed toggle switches.
  • Tub surrounds are finished with ceramic on the walls and ceiling above tubs, as opposed to one-piece acrylic liners. This decorative feature gives you the ability to customize colour selections to fit your style while producing a much higher-end finished product. This increases the value of your home while also protecting the surrounding walls and ceiling from water and moisture damage.


  • Oversized basement windows give a more open-concept feel that allows for more natural light in future finished basement rooms.
  • Polyethylene piping is used for water supply lines. This type of non-metal piping eliminates “water hammering” (noise) when taps are turned off. In addition, the lines do not oxide (discolour) like copper piping and will continue to look clean especially where exposed through cabinets and floors.
  • Exterior backdraft flaps connected to kitchen range hoods are solid metal. These allow air to leave the home through a protected exit way. Industry standard is a plastic back draft flap which can distort over time and eventually not close properly. Plastic flaps also increase the chance of allowing rain into the home through exposed gaps while in use.
  • Limited Lifetime shingles provide a longer roof life and long-term comfort.
  • Studio walls and openings are capped with a wooden or MDF trim. The capped surfaces withstand regular use and handle normal wear and tear more effectively than a drywall finish. All rooms look more finished and pleasantly detailed.
  • Our upgraded range hood and bathroom fans are up to 90% quieter than industry standard, reducing the amount of unwanted noise throughout your home.
  • Piping is installed for dryer vents and is extended from the outside dryer vent location to the laundry location. The extra-extended piping makes hooking up your dryer much easier. You need only to hook up the piping at the dryer location.