Feb 21, 2017

Tips for Moving Into a New Home


Are you a first-time homebuyer? At Fusion Homes, we understand that moving into your first home is an exciting time – but if you’ve never done it before, it can seem daunting and a bit tricky. From protecting your belongings to staying organized, here are some tips for your big move.

1) Put pads on your furniture legs

While most people only consider furniture pads for areas with hardwood, having pads on your furniture legs is a great idea for moving in. Hardwood is not the only surface that has the potential to be scratched, and they’ll protect other surfaces like tile or natural stone from damage.

2) Protect your floors with paper

While furniture pads are a great option, if you have time, try to line the walkways that the movers will be using inside your home with a heavy-duty building paper. Your new home features beautiful, never-used floors, and this paper can protect them from dirt, tears or other damage that could occur during the move.

3) Pay special attention to the walls

If you’re moving into a new home – especially a new build – you want to make sure you’re not damaging any of your home before you even start living in it. Whether you’re moving your furniture yourself or hiring a moving company, make sure everyone involved is doing their best not to damage the walls in your new home with your furniture.

4) Colour-code your items

When you’re packing to move, don’t assume you’re going to remember where you put everything. While it may seem easy at first, as boxes pile up and start to number in the dozens, you’ll soon lose track. Make sure you’re labeling all of your boxes and colour-coding them for move-in. Choose one colour for each room in the house, so each box ends up where it needs to be. It will make unpacking a breeze as well.

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