Jun 29, 2016

How to: Industrial Design Trend

At Fusion Homes, we’ve been working on a really fun new model home in London!

While it’s still a work in progress, we want to give you some tips for incorporating the industrial design trend we’ve been using into your own home.

1. Open concept

While industrial design got its start in loft apartments in renovated factories and warehouses, it has exploded onto the interior design scene. And one of the key elements of industrial design is having an open concept because of its origins in loft apartments. With industrial design, furniture and accessories define each space—instead of walls.

2. Exposed walls

Because factories and warehouses don’t usually have drywall, exposed brick or concrete walls are a huge part of this trend. Even if your home doesn’t already have brick or concrete underneath the drywall, it’s easy to incorporate this into the design with an accent wall, like we did in the model home in London at Avant:


Caption: This concrete accent wall makes a great statement and mimics the exposed wall look of the industrial design trend.

3. Minimalist decor

When it comes to decorating in the industrial design trend, less is more. But it’s a bit more complicated than that. Industrial design steers away from clutter and filling a space with furniture, and instead relies on statement pieces. So choose your furniture and decor sparingly, but decorate with pieces that add a bit of drama.


Check out our model home in London at Avant for more examples of industrial design.


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