Feb 28, 2017

How to Decorate with This Year’s Hottest Paint Colour: Grey


When it comes to the hottest paint colours of the year, grey has it all: it’s versatile, neutral and dramatic all in one. So if you’re looking to redecorate a room in your home with this colour, here are some tips to really amp up the style factor.

1) Make sure your space has lots of light

Grey is versatile because it comes in such a wide range of shades, but even the lightest grey can come off a little darker than other neutral paint colours. Light is key when painting a space grey. The more natural light the better, but if that’s not an option, introduce table lamps, floor lamps and other light sources to brighten up the space.

2) Mix different shades of grey

Choosing this neutral colour means you don’t have to just stick with one shade. Pairing varying hues of grey adds drama, depth and a ton of style to any space. You can pair two different paint colours on a single wall, or even bring grey into your furniture in different hues.

3) Make use of texture

If you’ve decided to use different grey tones throughout your space, make sure to focus on texture to add depth and interest to your room. In the bedroom, choose a textured headboard and sheet set. This helps to make your palette more varied and less stale.

4) Pair with soft pops of colour & other neutrals

With such a neutral base for your room’s colour palette, it’s important to add the softest touch of colour elsewhere. Anything too bright will make the space look disjointed, so stick with a hint of blue here and a soft yellow there. For a more romantic vibe, incorporate soft pinks. Other neutral colours like creams and natural elements like wood accents are a great way to bring the space together.

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